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Kalboishakhi Warning!

In Bangladesh severe storms are known by either Nor'wester for the direction from which they come, or by the term kalboishakhi which means thunderstorm. The Bangladesh expedition has photographic equipment to capture these storms as well as meteorological equipment to measure wind speed, direction, temperature and dewpoint.

Hail No!

Bangladesh is home to the world's deadliest tornado and also the world's heaviest hailstone which was reported to weigh 2.2lbs (that's the weight of 7 baseballs). This same storm killed 92 people from hail alone and the nearby region of India had the world's deadliest hail storm on record with 246 fatalities. The Bangladesh expedition has equipment to measure the diameter and weight of hail on the spot.


Bangladesh is home to some of the most violent cyclones (also known as Typhoons and Hurricanes). The Dhola cyclone is the most deadly in recorded history and killed 500,000 people on November 12, 1970. Due to much of the country and coast being near sea level it's extremely susceptible to storm surge and flooding.