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Bangladesh Storms in 2014 From Radar & Satellite

Here’s a look at some notable storms that took place in 2014 from our Radar archive.

These storms formed on an old outflow boundary and contained quite a strong core.



Here’s some storms that formed on the 12th of April in the north east.


A series of late night storms moved through the north central and north eastern parts of Bangladesh.


April 9th represented the most successful chase of the mission with a supercell intercepted near Bhairab Bazar.



On this day the Bangladesh Weather Expedition intercepted a supercell near Brahmanbaria.



These storms were later photographed in Comilla, Bangladesh. The storms northeast of Dhaka resulted in a severe wind event documented here.


A notable event took place with a severe storm moving  from Nepal and impacting the area late into the night with a bow echo.

bangladesh_ir_20140427_1311 bangladesh_vis_20140427_1113

caz_agt_04_27_2014_17_30 caz_agt_04_27_2014_18_15

A severe storm occurred north of Dhaka on May 1st.


Another light night line segment came into Bangladesh on the late evening of May 1st (early morning May 2nd).


A severe storm was located near Sylhet on May 8th.

caz_agt_05_08_2014_19_00Perhaps the most impressive event took place on the late evening of the 7th, early morning of the 8th where a series of supercells with noticeable rotation raked through an area near Agartala and Sreemangal. ppi_agt_04_07_2014_17_15ppi_agt_04_07_2014_18_15ppv_agt_04_07_2014_18_00 ppi_agt_04_07_2014_19_15ppi_agt_04_07_2014_21_00ppi_agt_04_07_2014_21_15ppi_agt_04_07_2014_23_00

The 2014 satellite and radar archive is available to researchers on request (as well as the 2015 archive). Feel free to drop us a line on our Facebook page if you have any questions.





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