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Possible Fairdpur Tornado April 3rd, 2017

Fairdpur MIdnight TOrnado

  “A man was killed and 30 others were injured as tornadoes hit Faridpur Sadar upazila and Pabna’s Sujanagar on Monday evening.”   More here:¬†     AGT always understimates DBZ compared to US radars so don’t read much into

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Killer Tornado Fairdpur, August 21st, 2016


  “At least five people were killed and at least 50 others were severely injured as a tornado hit parts of Faridpur district yesterday afternoon” Read more: Note: Tornado video online purporting to be from Fairdpur is in fact

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Confirmed Tornado Markuli , Bangladesh April 2nd, 2017


  The location suggests likely influence of the Khasi Hills outflow boundary.

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Confirmed Tornado in Sylhet District April 22nd, 2016

I was contacted by Jon Finch after the 22nd due to a radar image seeming to show a very tornadic looking storm, at the time I was unable to find any conclusive evidence a tornado had occurred. But now several

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April 5th, 2016 Bangladesh Supercell


We are currently investigating a supercell that formed at 7z just over the border into India and by 12z impacted Jessore and about an hour later Khulna. Damage was reported in both towns including several fatalities. Early on the storm

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Deadly Storms Hit Bangladesh February 24th, 2016

Picture showing some initial development in Kolkata

On February 24th, the severe weather season came in with a bang when a severe thunderstorm hit the city of some 16,000,000 people. Clearly from the video and from the fatalities there was some significant straight line wind damage though

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Splitting Supercell on March 6th in Bangladesh


Severe storms hit Bangladesh on March 6th, including a splitting supercell with left/right moving pair, occurring during peak heating and splitting. This represents the second notable severe weather outbreak in the area the first causing significant hail in Dhaka on

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Bangladesh Storms in 2014 From Radar & Satellite


Here’s a look at some notable storms that took place in 2014 from our Radar archive. These storms formed on an old outflow boundary and contained quite a strong core.

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Analysis of Straight Line Wind Event in Bangladesh on 4/26/14

During our final chase in Bangladesh that had had us heading up Kishoreganj, we came upon an area of fresh damage including collapsed buildings and a rather large area of broken coconut trees. We conducted a quick survey (with not

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The World’s Deadliest Tornado

On April 26th, 1989, tens of thousands of people in the Manikganj district of Bangladesh were finishing up with their days work and eagerly waiting sunset so they could break their Ramadan fast. Another hot April day where children went

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