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Storm Near Brahmanbaria

Today was the first day in the escalating severe weather pattern in Bangladesh. The original plan was to head to Kulaura but that was based on storms having formed overnight in the Khasi Hills, throwing a boundary south and then

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Meet The People Of Bangladesh


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Supercell in Bangladesh

After consultation with the forecast team, we decided on playing the boundary left from the previous convection that occurred overnight and in the early morning hours. Significant outflow boundary was being created around midnight with continued storms for several hours.

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The Brahmanbaria Tornado

The last deadly tornado to hit Bangladesh struck last year (2013) on March 22nd in the district of Brahmanbaria. It was also the first Bengali tornado to be recorded by several cell phone cameras.

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Happy Bengali New Year 1421, Pohela Boishakh

Today is the celebration of the new  year (1421) all across Bangladesh there are huge parades, music, dancing and food. The word Pohela means first and Boishakh is the first month in the calendar (and named after a star near Jupiter).

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The World’s Deadliest Tornado

On April 26th, 1989, tens of thousands of people in the Manikganj district of Bangladesh were finishing up with their days work and eagerly waiting sunset so they could break their Ramadan fast. Another hot April day where children went

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Eastern India and Bangladesh is quite unlike anywhereyou are likely to find on the earth. The combination of sufficient shear, backed winds and extremely high moisture make for a volatile situation.

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Severe Storms in Dhaka City

I left for Munshiganj as a compromise target and after the long ferry and slow ride through winding small roads full of rickshaws, arrived to grab some lunch and visit local people. Here’s a proud Bangladeshi farmer who works near

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Adventures in Southwest Bangladesh

I woke up at 9pm after sleeping a couple hours and begun doing some night photography of Dhaka and looking over forecast models for the following day and discussing with the team. At around 4:30am the sounds of the call to

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Location of Bangladesh Compared To North America


If Bangladesh were located in North America, the extreme northern end would touch the very bottom of Texas and the bottom end would be in Ciudad Valles, Mexico. Bangladesh is approximately 59,777 square miles and is the fourth most crowded

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Experiencing Bangladesh: The Journey Begins

Many years ago I first became interested in the storms of Bangladesh. It was the mystery of it all, the fact that here was this place that to most of us has little perception to the world. And weather lore,

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Tornadoes Around The World

  Tornadoes are common in several regions of the world – the largest, most studied and densest is the Great Plains of America “Tornado Alley”. This area receives over 1,200 tornadoes per year, most occurring over sparsely populated landscapes and

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